Understanding Bhakti

This part is all about the bhakti basics, the fundamental understanding of bhakti. You can go much deeper with your bhakti practices when you have the right attitude and a solid understanding about what you are doing.

Although bhakti seems to be sentimental because it works a lot with emotions, it is also very logical.

We have divided Bhakti Basics into:

  1. Soul Nature
  2. Material Nature
  3. Absolute Nature
  4. Bhakti Nature

In Soul Nature you receive some basic information about the essential nature of your existence as an eternal soul. Understanding bhakti is closely related to understanding yourself.

In Material Nature we try to give you a better understanding of how the material world around us works, especially in its aspect as maya or illusionary energy. Under the influence of maya we accept things as real which are not real. Thus we also confuse conditioned love with real love.

Both the soul and the material world are by nature relative to each other and to their origin. However, their origin is absolute. In Absolute Nature you learn something about the nature of our origin and your relationship with it, according to bhakti philosophy.

In Bhakti Nature you read about how bhakti works, which will be your basic guide for your practice of bhakti.

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