Swami Satyananda – The Bhakti Age

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“In the next century Yoga will be relegated to the background and the role of Bhakti will be foremost. Bhakti is faith and pure love.” In his book “The Bhakti Age” Swami Satyananda speaks about his insights regarding a revolution … Read More

Prasadam – Spiritual Food

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Bhakti includes offering everything enjoyable to the Supreme. In the Bhagavad-gita the Lord says that he does eat. Because the Lord is the origin of everything that exists, eating is also present in Him: “If one offers Me with love … Read More

Search of Love

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The soul is eternally seeking pleasure, that is its inherent nature. But external pleasures can’t satisfy the soul, it is only love that reaches our heart and gives us true satisfaction. A small child may be given a beautiful home … Read More


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Kirtan means chanting the names of God or about his forms, qualities and activities. According to ancient scriptures it is the most effective way to quiet the mind, revive our energies and bring us back to the center of our … Read More

Sravanam – hearing about God

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Sravanam means hearing about God. Hearing or reading stories full of bhakti is very pleasing to the heart and strengthens our love and devotion. In order to enter into deeper stages of bhakti we require a profound understanding about the … Read More

How do we practice bhakti-yoga?

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Bhakti-yoga means to connect ourselves with the supreme being or God with attention, feeling and a loving heart. Because God is beyond our sense perception we have to use authentic methods that have the propensity to touch the innermost of … Read More

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