Swami Satyananda – The Bhakti Age

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“In the next century Yoga will be relegated to the background and the role of Bhakti will be foremost. Bhakti is faith and pure love.” In his book “The Bhakti Age” Swami Satyananda speaks about his insights regarding a revolution in the hearts of people that will be coming soon.
“Whether you are on the path of Jews, Christians, Muslims or Hindus, you will have to direct your mind to matters beyond this world. In this century God was such a subject that you could not discuss Him, but now you can. However, the subject of God should come forth in an organized manner, as a scientific principle.”
“Just as we have known about modern medicine through research, in the same way psychiatrists have conducted research on the mind and obtained knowledge of the mental waves. In that very manner, by conducting research on a devotee or bhakta of the calibre of Meera Bai, they will try to know what changes take place on the physical dimension in a person saturated with Bhakti.“
“A time will come soon when without redefining the meaning of Bhakti and making it a part of his life, man will not become free from his difficulties. This is the only way to be free from your afflictions. Because a backache is not the only affliction which man faces. His mind is saturated with countless afflictions. In man’s awareness and unconscious mind there are many unsolved knots and puzzles, and if you set out to find different solutions to this then your whole life will be spent solving the riddles of your mind.”
“The next century belongs to Bhakti Yoga. Not just for you, but even for the scientists who conduct research. Those who conduct research on scientific principles will now conduct research on Bhakti. What is the effect of Bhakti on man’s behaviour, what is its effect on the supreme consciousness of man. Research will be done on this. Now they conduct research on matter, soon they will research the emotions of man.“
Have a look at the book? → Bhakti Age.pdf

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